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5 Things To Know About Your Divorce

Divorce is common in our society, but when it happens to you, it can feel bewildering and all-consuming. At Ricklin & Associates, we aim to support our divorcing clients with the utmost respect and compassion. At the same time, we keep clients informed of what they need to know to get through a divorce well-positioned for a smooth transition to the next phase of life.


Divorce Is Hard For Nearly Everyone — We Can Help Lessen Your Burdens

Here are five things we think you should know about divorce as yours gets underway. Do you have your own topics to add to the list? We would like to hear from you about your ideas and concerns. Contact us at our law offices in Westlake Village to bring to our attention any aspect of divorce that you would like to discuss with a lawyer.

1. California is a community property state, but that does not mean all assets will be divided equally.

Creativity, give-and-take and possibility thinking can go a long way toward reaching reasonable decisions as you divide assets.

Do you own a business or a professional practice and are you concerned about how your divorce might interfere with the business or practice? An astute and experienced attorney can help protect your interests when applying in-depth knowledge of complex business valuation and other aspects of property division.

2. Concern for your children’s well-being is likely the most emotional part of your divorce. Your custody and visitation arrangement can affect family dynamics for a lifetime. Remember this as you approach negotiations, mediation, collaborative law processes or litigation. These are temporary phases but your parent-child relationship is forever. Take your attorney’s advice on ways to put your child’s best interests first, while also protecting your parental rights.

3. It is normal for both spouses to go away feeling they have “lost” at the end of a divorce case. Some legal experts say a divorce case has been successful when both are dissatisfied in the end. Prepare yourself for some compromise and goal-oriented thinking to keep yourself from getting bogged down in arguments over details of high-asset property division or other disputes that no one can win.

4. You and your spouse have the power to stay in control of the divorce process. You can keep the costs of divorce down and protect your respective financial futures. Talk to your divorce lawyer about mediation and other ways to arrive at a settlement effectively, free from mutually destructive tactics.

5. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The strength you discover in yourself as you progress through the divorce can lead you forward to new horizons you had not yet dreamed of. Keep in mind that if something about your child custody, child support or spousal support orders needs to be changed down the road, you may have grounds to ask for a post-judgment modification. Ricklin & Associates can help in this case, too.

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