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Dispelling Common Myths About Family Law Matters

We are ready to address myths and questions such as these about your family law matter.

Divorces are always costly.

Actually, divorces can be inexpensive provided all parties can mutually agree to a quick settlement calmly and efficiently, wherein all potential child custody issues and equitable division of marital property issues can be decided according to California law.

Divorces will ruin the family unit.

While it is inevitable that families will undergo change especially as to the creation of separate household for Mother and Father, it does not mean that families cannot learn to cope with the new reality that Mother and Father are starting new lives apart. In fact, we strive to help our clients learn to deal with their former spouse or significant other under a business relationship free from emotional baggage that tends to be hard on children psychologically.

Family law judges typically rule in favor of the mom.

Historically, judges tended to rule in favor of the nonworking spouse when awarding primary custody of children. However, courts are increasingly aware of the new reality that dads are important to the psychological development of their children and are awarded primary custody based on their circumstances.

I can’t afford an attorney. Should I represent myself?

It depends on the complexity of your case. For example, if your marital estate is worth less than $25,000 in combined assets and debts then you may qualify for a summary dissolution, which can cost as little as several hundred dollars. However, if you have children, a house and accumulated debt in excess of $10,000, you must file for a full dissolution, which depending on the cooperation of the parties can be complicated. Talk to a lawyer about payment plans and other ways to figure out the financial side of divorce.

Bring your own notions about divorce and family law to our attention. We believe that everyone has the right to competent legal representation. Put your trust in our hands and let us help you.

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