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When Property Division Involved High-Dollar Assets

Marital property in California includes all assets you and your spouse have had and worked for from the day of your marriage until the dates of separation. If one or both of you operated businesses during your marriage, valuation of those business assets will be part of the property division process.

High-value assets may include:

  • Household goods
  • Unusual collectibles such as art, guns or jewelry
  • Real estate
  • The marital home and other property in the family, such as recreational property or a second home
  • A time-share
  • Investment properties
  • Business assets
  • Bank accounts
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Life insurance assets
  • Retirement assets such as brokerage accounts and pensions
  • Deferred financial benefits such as executive bonuses scheduled for far in the future

It is understandable if you are worried about what your divorce decree will include with respect to assets. Your future financial status may be greatly affected by the outcome of your negotiations, mediation or litigation. To protect your interests and increase the efficiency of your divorce, talk to a lawyer sooner rather than later. Ricklin & Associates in Westlake Village welcomes your inquiry. We serve high net worth individuals throughout Los Angeles County, Ventura County and beyond.

As You Approach A High-Asset Divorce, Seek Counsel From An Attorney With High Levels Of Experience In Property Division

I am attorney Steve Ricklin, the owner and managing partner of this law firm. I have a great deal of experience handling complex business valuation and other challenging asset valuation matters. Ricklin & Associates takes pride in delivery of quality, integrity and excellence while taking into account the needs of the client first. We have built our reputation through our commitment to be the very best at what we do. Request a consultation by calling 805-267-1132 or sending an email inquiry through this website.


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